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Business Funding Options with CAN Capital

At CAN Capital, we offer access to two business funding options for your small business. Read on to find your right business finance option, whether it's a business loan or Merchant Cash Advance.

Business Loans

CAN Capital Helps Get More Applicants to “Yes.”

If you prefer the certainty of a small business loan, which offers a maturity date and fixed daily payment amounts, then this choice might be right for you.
We can help you access the business financing options you need, today.

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  • Fast, easy online application
  • Funds sent in as little as 2 business days*
  • Up to $150,000**
  • Use the cash for almost any business need

Merchant Cash Advances

Pay for Almost Any Business-Related Expense

With a Merchant Cash Advance, your business sells a portion of its future credit and debit card sales. Our business-friendly, daily remittance structure allows you to remit more on busy days and less when things are slow.

We’re in the business of getting you cash fast, without the red tape.

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  • No personal collateral needed
  • Fund sent in as little as 3 business days*
  • Up to $150,000**
  • Past credit problems may not be an issue

See What Our Customers Say
When Gary Dodd needed to upgrade the Euro Service Specialists car hoists, he turned to CAN Capital.
Shawn Crawford owner of Rock City Indoor Climbing Gym came to CAN Capital when he expanded his business.
Essex Restaurant needed upgrades and found more reasons to stick with CAN Capital.
WrapShack came to us when they needed a new slicer and refrigerator and wanted to boost their marketing.
Cash flow issues are for the dogs but Dudley's Paw owner Yvonne Fox found working with CAN Capital to be a real treat.
CAN Capital helped Dr. Fredrick Seltzer's dental practice weather the damage left by Hurricane Sandy.