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One Costume Shop’s Quest for Fun, Funding, and Family Values

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Steve and Linda Sutherland have built a thriving business out of Fun Corner, a theatrical shop that has won over the hearts of locals for generations. Whether it’s magic supplies or Halloween gear, loyal customers of Fun Corner who once shopped there as children are nostalgic about bringing their own children to the Sutherlands’ shop decades later. Steve recounts his success, saying, “I always wondered if I was successful or not. But then a father would come in and say, ‘You helped me when I was in high school. Here’s my daughter. Will you show her how to do makeup?’ ”

The Sutherlands can clearly attribute some of their success to the way that they treat their customers — like family. When you run a theatrical store, you see the same children year in and year out according to Linda and Steve, and this allows them to form bonds with customers that they value above all else. Linda says, “My favorite part of running a business is the fact that I get to know my customers. They become like friends, like family.”

The Sutherlands might have fun completely figured out, but for these small business owners, finding working capital hasn’t always been as clear-cut. When a business’ existence spans 6 decades, it’s inevitable that there will be financial ups and downs. That’s where CAN Capital came in for Fun Corner. Steve recalls their struggles when the recession hit, saying, “We weren’t doing well during the crash of 2008. When that happened we needed help, and we got a call from CAN, and they helped us. Our experience with CAN Capital has been so easy.”

CAN Capital helped Fun Corner get out of the economic slump, but the Sutherlands still use CAN Capital today to help with seasonal purchasing. Linda explains, saying that they use the funding they accessed through CAN Capital, “… to buy our inventory for Halloween. Each season we need to purchase it all in January which many people don’t realize. January, right after Christmas, is the hardest time to find money.” When finances get tight, the Sutherlands know that they can turn to CAN Capital to help them with fast, no-hassle funding. No matter what season, CAN Capital is in the business of helping small businesses get working capital when they need it most.