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Small Business Marketing: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Marketing Mistakes to avoidAs a small business, your marketing dollars are extremely important. Marketing is an investment in your business and can be the fastest way to set yourself on a path of growth. Unfortunately, there isn’t one right or perfect way to promote your business. There are actually thousands of ways to create a marketing campaign.

Making mistakes can create a positive learning experience, but when you’re on a tight budget, some marketing blunders can end up costing you big time.

Avoid these mistakes to stay out of marketing trouble:

1. Not tracking your results

If you’re not tracking your goals, how will you know what’s working and what’s not? Whether it’s tracking website traffic, conversions on pay-per-click ads or simply counting calls and foot traffic, you’re wasting time and money. Tracking your marketing efforts will give you a better sense of where you should be investing your resources.

2. Ignoring your competitors

Monitoring your competitors provides a unique opportunity to be aware of what’s happening in your industry. Find at least three successful businesses similar to yours and study their marketing. If they seem to be using the same tactics over and over, it’s probably working for them. You can use their success and failures as examples.

3. Not having a plan

Your marketing budget is likely small, so it’s important to have a strategic plan for using the resources you have. Designing a strategy will help save you time by avoiding any unnecessary steps. When you know the exact tactics you’ll use, how much they cost and how much time they’ll take, the probability of success increases.

4. Forgetting about repeat business

When you’re constantly trying to bring in new business, it can be easy to forget about your loyal repeat customers. Make sure you don’t get caught up in generating marketing plans heavily geared toward new business. Establishing relationships with your current customers is just as important.

5. Straying from your brand

Your brand is not only your company’s identity, it is also part of the promise you make to your customers. If your marketing doesn’t align with your brand and reputation, you might confuse or even anger your current customers. Be sure to keep all your communication efforts consistent with your brand.

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