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How to Motivate Employees Beyond the Paycheck

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employee motivationYou’ve assembled a strong team of employees, and at first they all seemed eager to showcase their skills. After getting comfortable in their position, however, your employees seem less engaged at the office. It appears the thrill of a new job has worn off, and you’re left wondering how to ignite the fire once more.

All managers have experienced this problem at one point or another, regardless of their industry. Fortunately, these managers have discovered effective strategies to re-motivate employees. Here are a handful to try at your own office:

Set up weekly goals

It’s hard for employees to keep the bigger picture in mind when working through their daily tasks. That’s why if your team has a weekly goal to work toward, they’re more likely to be motivated. Goals can be team-orientated or created with each individual employee in mind; just be sure to create new goals to keep your team energized at work.

Give kudos when recognition is due

Employees want to know that their hard work is noticed and valued. Each week, announce achievements to the team or thank employees individually. When they know their efforts are appreciated, employees are motivated to stay focused and challenge themselves each day.

Establish an open door policy

If employees have concerns, let them know that they can come talk to you without consequence. Your team should feel safe addressing problems at the office, and when they do come to you for support, brainstorm ideas on how to solve the issue. You might not be able to eliminate everyone’s concerns, but they’ll appreciate that you took them into consideration.

Take an interest in your team’s career growth

Where do your employees see themselves in the next few years? Do you know? Make it a point to talk about future goals with each employee on your team and provide training and advice to help them grow. Your expertise can help employees get promoted, achieve their personal goals and expand their skill sets.

Respect work-life balance

Employees who are burnt out become unmotivated fast. Respect their time outside of the office and employees will respect the time they’re at the office by focusing on work. Additionally, breaks throughout the day can help employees stay productive late in the afternoon. Encourage walks outside or a coffee break to enhance productivity.

Your employees may be losing motivation, but there are easy ways to boost engagement at work once more. Try these five strategies to increase motivation at the office today.

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