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How Mother's Day Can Spring Sales For Your Business

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Mother’s Day can be a major spring sales boost for small businesses.  In 2017, consumers spent $23.6 billion on the holiday, proving that tapping into the market can be quite lucrative.

While florists, local chocolatiers, and gift shops naturally stand to benefit most, businesses across the spectrum can reap rewards by extending the holiday beyond mothers, to wives, grandmothers, aunts, daughters and even friends.

Here are a few ideas for how your business can maximize the day’s impact:

Create signature specials and discounts

Boosting Mother’s Day sales can be as simple as offering the right promotions. If you’re a restaurant, decide on a few freebies to dish out. This can range from a glass of wine or a slice of pie to a “full meal for moms.” Even Hooters, a potentially surprising choice for a Mother’s Day meal, regularly gives away free entrees to moms, so don’t be afraid to be creative.

If you’re not a restaurant owner, get in on the action by partnering with a local eatery or shop. For example, customers could show a receipt from your business to receive a free cocktail at the restaurant, or a bouquet of flowers from a local florist.

Alternatively, you could turn the day into a charitable drive. At checkout, give customers the option of adding an additional amount onto their check to benefit charities working with low-income mothers across the country, and pledge to match their donation. A thoughtful approach can help bind customers to your business.

Celebrate the day on social

Once you’ve decide on your sales and partnership strategy, it’s now time to spread the word through social media. With thoughtful and creative Mother’s Day-related posts, you can drive traffic to your business’s website and social pages. You could start by asking your employees to share content around Mother’s Day, such as best advice their mom shared or family photos. Then, huddle as a team to pick out the highlights for your company’s social pages and share these widely, asking the public to weigh in with their own Mother’s Day memories.

To maximize your reach on social platforms, spend wisely to target your audience and support your organic posts. For example, Facebook can target moms in your local area with specific interests. A little spend here can go a long way to boost your business’s visibility online.

Give moms a break

In addition to leaning into the sales potential of this occasion, take the chance to reflect on what it means for your employees, and ways that you can encourage a family focus around the day. For example, why not incorporate some friendly competition, and offer a gift card to a local restaurant or spa to the mother who snaps the best photo of time spent with their family?

Another way to think about your team and recognize how seven in ten mompreneurs are still tasked with the bulk of childcare would be a “bring your children to work” day. Say you’re a shop owner, you could invite children to serve up fun treats to visiting customers and invite kids who are shopping with their families to play while parents shop, giving adults more freedom to check out your products.

These initiatives can boost morale and help your team balance work and family commitments. Together, they potentially feed into more productivity around this occasion as employees feel supported.

So, take time to plan ahead and get creative for Mother’s Day this year! Look at it as an opportunity to partner with a local business, drive greater engagement with your customer base, and foster stronger team cohesion and family ties. And remember that embracing this opportunity to support moms, both internally and externally, can help to drive spring sales and set you up for a promising summer season in 2018.