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Marketing Your Website on the Cheap

1 minute Read

​One of the best ways to get your business on the map is to set up a website, but simply creating a website doesn’t mean that customers will come running to purchase your stuff. Though there are plenty of ways to promote your website that cost a ton of money, there are several no-hassle and cost-effective strategies you may want to try first.

Put your web address on all business publications.

Adding your business’s web address to business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads, and brochures lets your customers know that you’re online, too. Don’t forget to add the web address to all advertisements and promotional material, such as buttons, t-shirts, or trade show take-aways.

Submit your website to all major search engines.

Adding your business’s website to search engines is easy, and in most cases, free. To find websites that allow you to submit your site to an engine, start with a keyword search for “adding URL to search engine.” Google and Yahoo have quick and easy forms. You’ll usually be asked to supply the web address, title of the site, and a list of related keywords.

Get your staff involved.

Start adding your website address to all e-mails by using the signature feature. The signature is placed at the end of all outgoing messages and is the perfect place to include your URL. Ask your employees to do the same and to mention the website at appropriate times when interacting with the public, whether it’s over the phone, at conventions, or when dealing with the press.

Be on the look-out in the coming months for more tips on promoting your business on the cheap.