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How to Do Business Online: 10 Powerful Small Business Tips

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how-to-do-business-onlineToday it’s an unwritten law that every business must have an online presence. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or you are developing a new app, the following 10 tips are essential for creating and maintaining a healthy online business.

1. Have a plan – Though the Internet has radically changed the way businesses grow and develop, some things have stayed the same. A water-tight business plan that includes a precise layout of your organization, structure and goals is key to success in the online world.

2. Network like mad – The internet offers almost limitless possibilities when it comes to connecting with people from around the world. The secret is making a connection with those who will bring your business into their network of friends and followers, exponentially growing your online presence.

3. The right webpage – Choosing the web address for your business is a simple but very important matter. Basically, it should be unique, memorable, punchy and easy to remember. If you can tell it to someone and they can remember it without writing it down, then it has passed the test.

4. Blog – The tagline for any online business should be: I blog, therefore I am. This is the backbone of your brand’s identity and a major part of your online presence. Blog frequently, blog well and blog with distinction.

5. Make sure people can find you – In the very crowded online world, you need to make sure your website is easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to find. Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps ensure your business remains among the top search results of a particular search term.

6. Online payments – Once you get people to the checkout, convenience is key. In addition to having PayPal, it’s smart to give customers several payment options, such as Google wallet or Skrill.

7. Take action – While you’re networking, blogging and generating buzz about your business or product, don’t wait to roll out your next product. Many online businesses get stuck waiting for a certain number of visitors and shares before proceeding with a roll out. Get it out there or someone else will.

8. Take measurements – Make sure you have someone who is well versed in online analytic tools. This will allow you to accurately gauge trends, revenue, page visits, shares and more, as well as help you determine what practices work for your business and what don’t.

9. Listen to people – In the age of trolling, it’s easy to disregard reviews and anonymous criticism, but even the most irrational comments may offer some important feedback.

10. It takes time – Even in this hyper-fast world of instant communication with new products and innovations appearing all the time, running a small business takes time. When the going gets tough, remember that even today success doesn’t happen over the course of a few weeks, but over the course of years.


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