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Faces of Funding: Beloved Pet Store Dudley’s Paw

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​When her kids first left for college over 20 years ago, New Yorker Yvonne Fox planned, as many parents do, to take a well-deserved break and relax as an “emptynester.”  After welcoming a new member to her family that Yvonne realized the next chapter of her life was going to take a different turn, including becoming a first-time business owner.

“My kids thought that I would be lonely, so they gave me a puppy,” recalls Fox. “I named him Dudley and Dudley became the inspiration for the store.”

That store is Dudley’s Paw, one of the most beloved neighborhood pet stores in New York City and a fixture among the small businesses lining the streets of lower Manhattan’s popular TriBeCa neighborhood.

“I didn’t realize how difficult it would be dealing with all the paperwork,” she continued. “And the cash flow problem every business owner eventually comes up against.”

When Dudley’s Paw encountered a period of irregular cash flow, CAN Capital was able to help Fox access the capital she needed to keep her business on track and her many four-legged customers happy.

Watch the video to hear the rest of Yvonne’s story.

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