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Faces of Funding: Auto Repair Euro Service Specialists Revs Up Improvements Thanks to CAN Capital

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​Gary Dodd, owner of San Diego auto repair Euro Service Specialists has been in business long enough to measure the years not just in numbers, but presidential administrations. “Reagan was in office when we first started,” jokes Dodd.  “Things were a lot different then.”  Indeed things were, including his shop’s equipment and infrastructure. When the time came for Dodd to make upgrades and improvements in his shop, he turned to CAN Capital to help him find the funding to keep his business’s engine running for many presidents to come.

One thing that’s remained consistent is Dodd’s commitment and appreciation for the customers he serves.  In fact, the veteran auto worker opened Euro Service Specialists in response to the unreasonable prices and low customer service standards he’d seen at the dealership level over the years. “We started the business because we knew we could do a better job than the dealers in giving better and more personal service,” remembers Dodd.  “My favorite part of running the business is having customers for many years.  We really get to know them and in many cases their kids.”

Watch the video to hear the rest of Gary’s story.

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