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Best Cities for Small Business

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best-citiesLadies and gentlemen. In one corner, we have Thumbtack’s survey of small-business-friendly cities, used by CNNMoney and Forbes to create their “Best Cities for Small Business” lists. In the other corner, we have CAN Capital data, which pulls from 14 years of small business data.

The fight? Well, Thumbtack surveys small business owners on networking, hiring, regulations, taxes, and other factors and then names the winning cities for small businesses. We wanted to see the cities duke it out a little more, so we looked at how their ranking changes based on the number of fundings we’ve helped provide per capita in each city. In short, we took Thumbtack’s list and re-ordered the cities based on our data.

Let’s take a look.

Thumbtack Top 8

1. Austin, Texas

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia

3. Houston, Texas

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

5. San Antonio, Texas

6. Nashville, Tennessee

7. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

8. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Anyway you look at it, mid-sized, Southern cities are notably strong. But when you rank the same cities using CAN Capital data, Colorado Springs and Raleigh-Durham rise to the top, while Austin stays high on the list. Virginia Beach, Nashville, and Houston all have fewer fundings per capita, so they take a little hit.

The CAN Capital View

1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

2. Austin, Texas

3. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

4. San Antonio, Texas

5. Virginia Beach, Virginia

6. Houston, Texas

7. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

8. Nashville, Tennessee

What’s really cool is that the fundings in these 8 cities are just a fraction of the fundings we’ve helped provide. While we’ve assisted businesses in these cities over 6,000 times, our total fundings across the country exceed 100,000.

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