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4 Books to Help Build Good Business Habits

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Good habitsThere’s a misconception about success out there. Some believe that success happens once, in a big bang sort of way. But in reality, success is awarded to people who build good habits, allowing them to build prosperity little by little.

In today’s CAN Capital Back to School required reading list, we’re recommending books about building habits that can lead to long-term success for you and your business. Whether you’re aiming to increase your productivity, stop procrastinating, save for the future or reach a personal goal, these knowledgeable authors can help pave the way.

Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

By Charles Duhigg

Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done in a day? Would you be surprised to find out that it’s based in science? The bestselling author of The Power of Habit is back with a tome that looks at the science of productivity and how you can become more productive by changing the way you think. And that’s not just made up fluff, either; Duhigg uses hard, scientific data mixed with rich storytelling to create a highly readable guide on how one can improve upon every aspect of their lives, from business to artistic endeavors.

The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs

By Kevin D. Johnson

Turning a small business into an empire takes a certain kind of mindset. It takes grit and a little bit of know-how, which is provided by serial entrepreneur and president of a multi-million dollar media company, Kevin D. Johnson. He’s taken lessons from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sarah Blakely of Spanx and distilled them down to the essentials for entrepreneurs to overcome roadblocks and avoid the same mistakes he made. He’s broken his lessons out over seven key areas: strategy, education, people, finance, marketing and sales, leadership and motivation, making it the perfect textbook for habit change.

Manage Your Day to Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind

Edited by Jocelyn K. Glei

Owning a small business isn’t just finances, logistics, marketing and sales. It’s also about being creative, having great ideas and then actually making them happen. 99U, the Webby Award-winning website dedicated to honing creative power and bringing ideas to life, has compiled action-oriented insights from thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Tony Schwartz, Gretchen Rubin and Leo Babauta to help you find focus in an environment of distractions and many “gotta do it NOW” priorities.

HABITS: 10 Powerful Habits of Successful People

By Kenneth J. Hutchins

“What we do daily, as a routine of our life, will define what we achieve.” Hutchins believes in the power of habit so much that he literally wrote the book on it. He lays out in simple, easy-to-understand language 10 essential habits that will lead you to success, no matter what your goals are. From focusing on objectives to reviewing progress every day, he understands that it can be a struggle to develop good habits. One of the most important habits to build? Persistence.


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