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Congrats to Atelier Gigi for Winning Expert Advice in the Take the Reins Giveaway!

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Atelier-Gigi-winner-badgeWalk into any mall and you’ll probably see a jewelry store or two. Scan each store’s selection of accessories and you’ll notice no brand in particular stands out — there are too many similarities to make any piece seem unique. Now, if you walk into Atelier Gigi? That’s another story. The fine jeweler in San Francisco offers a delightful surprise for anyone searching for something special. Gigi Gruber, owner of Atelier Gigi, creates new and repurposed custom designs, and this is what makes her business so attractive to customers.

That being said, starting your own business is still a challenge, and small gems like Atelier Gigi can grow more quickly with a little help. That’s why we at CAN Capital are excited to announce that the small San Francisco jeweler won expert advice in our Take the Reins giveaway! Now Gigi can take the next steps toward setting her company apart from the competition.Gigi

“There are so many choices when it comes to marketing and advertising, and all of them are expenses in money, time or both. I’m looking for expert advice to help me narrow down the options to promote my custom jewelry design business, and this promotion seemed like a great way to achieve that goal,” Gigi says to explain why she entered Atelier Gigi in the giveaway. Gigi will be working with Gene Marks, and together they will determine Gigi’s target audience and how she can successfully reach her ideal client. Both Gigi and Gene are excited to get started on this project!

Gigi designs jewelry that is, as she puts it, “tailor-made to celebrate the special occasions in life.” As an artist who is dedicated to making clients feel elated, Gigi makes sure to spend time getting to know their aesthetic before coming up with ideas. If you’re interested in Gigi’s work, be sure to check out her gallery of work today. You can also contact Atelier Gigi here or call 510-919-3241.