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Alternative Financial Options for Your Growing Business

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Small business owners know it takes money to make money. To attract more clients, you may need to spend money on marketing. But for many business owners, the money needed to get to the next level can be elusive.

Many banks are unwilling to lend money to small businesses. That’s why more business owners are turning to alternative finance companies such as CAN Capital, which specializes in providing small businesses with access to working capital to fuel growth.

More funding options

Business loans are among the most common vehicles for funding small business growth. CAN Capital offers access to business loans from $2,500 to $150,000. Rather than owing a large lump sum every month, business owners who work with CAN Capital can have a small, fixed amount deducted from their business bank account each day.

Flexible and fast

CAN Capital was established in 1998 by a small business owner who understood that businesses often need cash quickly and for a variety of reasons. Today, CAN Capital is the most experienced alternative finance company providing small businesses with access to working capital.

Seeking financing traditionally requires lots of paperwork and time that business owners simply don’t have. Working with an online, alternative finance company like CAN Capital, is quick and easy. Rather than focusing only on your personal credit history, CAN Capital looks first at the performance of your business such as cash flow and how long you’ve been in business.

CAN Capital’s pre-qualification can be completed online or over the phone in less than 10 minutes. Approval is just as fast: Funds are often sent to business owners in as little as two business days*.

When small business owners turn to CAN Capital, they remain in charge of their companies. As a borrower, you have the freedom to use the funds for almost any business need. So if you need the money to make payroll, purchase equipment, pay bills or buy advertising, you’re free to do so.

With CAN Capital, you could have the funds you need in your account—and with daily remittance, you’ll never have a large single monthly payment. Let CAN Capital help you take your business to the next level.

 *Funding time calculation reflects timing from funding approval to initiation of ACH funds transfer.  Settlement of funds to customer’s bank account may take additional time.


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