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5 Tips to Maximize Your Business' Yelp Presence

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Yelp-2Despite the potential for negative feedback, Yelp is a powerful marketing tool; merely registering your business on Yelp can increase business revenue. Even if you’re already registered and maintain a basic Yelp presence, there’s more you can do to leverage it for the good of your business.

Tip 1: Maximize Your Profile

New customers want detailed, accurate information before they call or visit your business. Once you find and claim your Yelp business page, fill in the basics: hours, location, address and contact information. Sure, it’s a basic step, but there’s no quicker way to kill enthusiasm than with a blank profile.

Next, add photos of your location and your products. Showcase your best. Write a warm welcome with a little bit of history about your business for the “About This Business” section. You can even include a description of your specialties, or mention what customers love most about your business.

Tip 2: Keep It Fresh

Don’t make the mistake of taking a set-it-and-forget-it approach to your Yelp business page. By regularly adding new photos and updated information, you keep your Yelp profile fresh and attractive to potential customers.

At least once per quarter, freshen up the whole profile: add new pictures, update hours, polish up the “About” section, and mention changes or special services you’ve added.

Tip 3: Link It All

Make it easy for customers to find you anywhere online. First, fill out your website and social media links on your Yelp business page. This way, interested folks can easily click through from Yelp to your website or Facebook page to read your blog or ask questions.

Next, add a Yelp badge (available here) to your website; periodically, share your Yelp page on your social media platforms. Don’t ask for reviews, which is something Yelp frowns upon; instead, just invite followers to check out your Yelp profile.

Tip 4: Respond to Reviews

Respond to all the reviews you receive. A simple “thank you” response to positive reviews shows Yelp visitors that you appreciate your customers.

When facing negative reviews, respond publicly with a courteous, professional tone. Start with an apology, then correct any factual inaccuracies. Close with an offer to correct mistakes or otherwise work with the customer, when appropriate. Demonstrate to your potential customers that you’ll do whatever you can to meet their needs.

Tip 5: Use Yelp Deals

Take advantage of Yelp Deals by creating a special offer that’s featured on your Yelp business page. There’s no upfront cost to you, though Yelp retains a percentage of every deal claimed. You can also make gift certificates available through Yelp, as well as creating Check-In Offers for mobile users who check in to your location on the Yelp app.

More and more shoppers look to online reviews as they research businesses and make purchase decisions. Take control of your reputation and direct positive attention to your business by meeting your customers where they gather to share their opinions.


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