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5 Quick Wins to Grow Your Business

1 minute Read

Investing time and developing relationships is a great strategy for growing your business. Start by implementing one of these simple strategies each week for the next ten weeks.

1. Develop and use social media for marketing. Use our guide to develop your own customized strategy for reaching customers via social media. Save money and time by implementing your new strategy using a free or cost-effective service like Buffer or Hootsuite, which allows you to coordinate, schedule and track your marketing without tying you to your laptop.

The win: Increased brand awareness.

2. Call a customer. All this takes is ten minutes of your time and a dash of your winning personality. Make it a habit to call at least one customer each day, just to check in on their last experience with your business. You’ll see increased customer loyalty and receive valuable customer feedback from your existing clients, but more than that, will create a cache of brand ambassadors. After all, your satisfied customers are your best marketing tool. Ask for referrals, and make it worthwhile by providing an incentive: a coupon, discount, or special thank-you offer.

The win: A loyal customer base and new business referrals.

3. Get involved in community events. The local economy is a powerful force for building your small business. Don’t ignore it. Your business can get involved in community events by sponsoring them, showing up and helping or providing materials, tools or prizes.

The win: Expanded local customer base and increased brand awareness.

4. Hold a focal-point flash sale. A flash sale is a targeted, time-limited, really, really great offer. Choose a particular product or service to highlight for your sale. Promote it via social media, signage, your e-newsletter and other marketing outlets. Add in an additional benefit such as free shipping, extended warranty, or bonus accessory.

The win: Immediate, if temporary, increase in sales.

5. Declutter your showroom and website. This is an easy one. Simplify the arrangement in your retail space and in your digital space. Highlight a small selection of what you offer at a time. Change the display regularly, but keep it clean and simple. Too many options overwhelm purchasers, and that can drive them away.

The win: Increased sales.

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