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5 Go-to Questions to Find the Right Employees

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5 questions to find the right employeeAs an entrepreneur, you’re likely a fiercely independent innovator. But when you’re on the road to success, there comes a time when you can’t do it alone. When the tasks of running a business become too much for you to manage, you need to hire the best workers to help grow and develop your company.

But hiring good employees is about more than simply finding the right skills and abilities to match a job description. Here is everything you should consider during the hiring process.

Does the potential employee have the necessary skills?

First and foremost, a potential employee needs to have specific skills, as well relevant experience and education, to successfully handle the job. Do the skills on their resume fit the job description?

Will this person be able to go above and beyond?

In addition to having the right skills, a potential employee should also feel comfortable stepping outside the box to solve problems and deliver on tasks that require more effort or creativity. An employee should show potential for growth and be willing to take on more responsibility.

Is your potential employee compatible and committed to the organization?

Assess if this person will be able to get along with managers, colleagues and clients. You should also get a sense that this candidate is willing to stick around for the long term. Take a look at their history and time spent at past jobs for insight.

Does the candidate have values that align with yours?

Is this person honest and reliable? Are they willing to be a team player? Company culture is rooted in values, expectations and policies, and you’ll want to make sure each employee behaves appropriately.

Do you agree on compensation?

Before you make an offer, be sure your potential employee agrees to and is satisfied with a market-based compensation package. If not, it may create problems in the future.

Hiring good employees isn’t based on specific skills and references alone. As a small business owner looking to grow your company, it’s important to seek out the truth. Use these questions to make accurate assessments and select the best people for the job.

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