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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

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improve websiteThese days, it’s almost mandatory for every business to have an online presence, whether it’s a hair salon, bakery or manufacturer. Fortunately, even small business owners who do not have the budget to hire a programmer or designer (which can cost several thousand dollars on the low end) can enlist the help of numerous do-it-yourself website services.

Companies such as WixWeebly and Squarespace allow just about anyone who knows how to use a computer to build and design their own website.

While these are great services that allow you to have a strong online presence, there is a big difference between a very good website and a great website. To help you stand out in the online world and make your website even more effective, here are four easy tips.

Gather metrics using Google Analytics

To really figure out what parts of your website are and are not working, you need to do more than have a friend who will tell you it looks great. Google Analytics is a free, easy-to-use tool that can break down visitor behavior by showing you where people are clicking, what’s driving traffic and more. Review these metrics every month to help you define your online strategy.

Keep it fresh

Websites get real old real fast, and you want to be sure people keep clicking back. One way to do this is to offer incentives, such as special deals, coupons or contests. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, make it known that each week people can get new coupons by visiting your site. In addition to these incentives, keep your site vibrant with fresh content. You should blog once per week, at a minimum, and update with video and store news often. Stagnation is the easiest way for people to forget about your site.

Keywords and SEO matter

There are literally over a billion websites on the World Wide Web. And you’re just one. To help people find you, research the key words people use when searching for businesses similar to yours with the Google Keyword Planner. Be sure to use these key phrases and words in headlines, titles and copy, as doing so will help lead customers to your site.

Less is more

It’s easy to overload a website, especially the homepage. Even if you feel like you can justify ten tabs, parse it down. A good website is easy to navigate and has a clean feel to it. This means showcasing only the essentials so it’s easy and inviting for people to engage with.

The same thing can be said about the copy, so make sure the writing is brief and concise. You want to keep people engaged!

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