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4 Reasons It Makes Sense to Hire Veterans

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veteransThis Veterans Day, you will no doubt hear a lot of talk about thanking our veterans and the importance of supporting our troops. Many people, however, want to know how they can move past words and directly show their gratitude for those who’ve served our country. One satisfying and effective way to do this is to create jobs for veterans. Doing so should not be thought of as a charitable act, though; you should think of it as a smart business move.

There are many ways hiring veterans can benefit small businesses and organizations. Here are four:

Tax incentives. Hiring veterans can produce measurable financial benefits that help your bottom line. Most prominently, businesses and organizations can take advantage of Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) when hiring some veterans. An example of this is the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, which provides tax incentives for organizations hiring unemployed veterans of up to $5,600 per veteran. The Wounded Warrior Tax Credit almost doubles this amount (up to $9,600 per veteran) for organizations that hire veterans with a service-related disability.

Goal orientated. Discipline is simply required to make it through basic training and successfully work in a military unit, and veterans tend to have a mission-based mindset. Their training has taught them to keep an eye on a specific objective, and they understand how responsibilities, no matter how small, add up and contribute to getting the job done. All of these traits can help them contribute to their workplace.

Leadership and intuition. Anyone who has experienced a combat situation has probably had to make a hard decision or two. Military personnel begin to advance through the ranks from the moment they graduate basic training, taking on more responsibility as they go and developing an instinct for leadership and decision making that many business owners need within their organizations.

Productivity. Veterans know how to respect workspace boundaries and rules. Their training and experience have taught them to be productive and do what is expected. While some veterans might tell you initially that they thought the strict regimen and numerous rules they had to follow upon entering the service were ridiculous, it’s important to note that they learned to abide by these rules and developed the kind of discipline employers all over the country search for. In today’s world where managers spend more time policing social media use and keeping people on track, this is an invaluable trait.

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