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Small Business Integrated Platform - CAN Connect

Helping your small business customers do big things

What is CAN Connect?

What is CAN ConnectTM?

CAN Connect is a small business platform with a full suite of standardized Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enables you to offer your small business customers information about access to working capital based on available merchant data.

With CAN Connect, you can offer access to capital directly to your customers through your existing small business platform using our secure protocol.

Who can use CAN Connect?

Who can use CAN Connect?

Almost any company that has small business customers can use the CAN Connect small business platform. Ideal partners have data on their small business customers that helps predict their need and qualification for working capital. These partners include:

  • Payment processors
  • Providers of point of sale (POS) systems
  • Cloud accounting software
  • Business management tools

Benefits of using CAN Connect

What are the benefits of using CAN Connect?

An incredibly streamlined and versatile suite of funding options, the CAN Connect small business platform leverages data you have so you can offer your small business customers access to the working capital they need.

  • Expertise. Market-leading risk-scoring models and automated underwriting capabilities.
  • Options. Choose from a white label or co-branded product. Provide access to working capital from within your application or leverage CAN Capital’s automated services.
  • Simplicity. Seamless integration with existing platforms.
  • Differentiation. Offer your customers additional services to remain competitive.
  • Stickiness. Additional working capital for them = increased revenue for you.

How does CAN Connect work?

How does it work?

CAN Capital’s advanced instant quote and application process can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software applications.

CAN Connect can provide your merchants with a CAN Instant Quote based solely on data you already have. Once the merchant elects to proceed, they are taken through a simple online application process and can obtain access to working capital without ever leaving your platform.

Alternatively, you can leverage CAN Capital’s online application interface and direct merchants through a co-branded site.

CAN Connect features

CAN Connect features include:

CAN Instant Quote (CAN IQ) – Provides provisional working capital options using the customer data that you already collect, with no action required from the merchant. The CAN IQ feature enables CAN Capital and its partners to determine the funding amount and type of financial product for which a merchant may be eligible.

Application – This is the entry point for the merchant, which provides additional self-reported or verifiable financial data for official pre-qualification.

Submission – Enables the merchant to select from a list of options presented and complete the application process, providing clear instructions and real-time status updates along the way. The merchant can complete the entire process without leaving your platform.

Program/Application Status – Provides reporting on closed leads as well as detailed information about all merchant applications in process.

Intelligent Application Engine – For partners who choose to leverage CAN Capital’s online application, this component merges your existing merchant data into CAN Capital’s application workflow. The pre-populated application is used to collect additional customer data to complete the application process.


CAN Connect small business platform is a standard REST based API that is secured via SSL and HTTP Basic Auth. Developers can work in any client language they prefer to consume the data and transaction services.

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